Meet Wilson Kubwayo - Motivational Speaker #RaisedinSD

Wilson is a refugee from Burundi who came to the US and changed his life. Now, he motivates youth to go to college and give back to the community. He is #raisedinSD and we are so proud of him.  Watch his story!   Continue reading

Watch our #RaisedinSD digital shorts - Meet Migdad Mustafa, US Marine

MEET MIGDAD MUSTAFA - US MARINE #RAISEDINSD Migdad was born in Sudan and immigrated to South Dakota at the age of 13. He graduated from Washington HS in Sioux Falls, SD, and attended STI for construction management. He then joined the US Marines and was deployed twice; once to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. He now works as a construction project coordinator. He is a proud US Marine, father, and a South Dakotan-Muslim. Continue reading

Watch Taneeza's Tedx Talk "Imported Hate: Islamophobia in Rural America"

Fear is a natural reaction to things we do not know. Exposure alleviates that fear. In this personal talk, Taneeza Islam shares her experience fighting Islamophobia in South Dakota and rural America. She challenges listeners to fight misinformation and confront their own biases...     Continue reading